Certification of Halal Products

Halal Meat in Dublin & Ireland

Halal meat is, at present, available at several Muslim shops in Dublin, including the shop of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (within the premises of the Dublin Mosque and Islamic Center on South Circular Road, Dublin 8. Tel. 01-4538336.

All cuts of pork (pig-meat) are Haram. These include such names as bacon, ham, gammon steaks and rashers. Also all types of sausages, including beef sausages, contain pork and therefore are forbidden.

Many foodstuffs contain fats from animals, including the pig and so it is important to read the "Ingredients" label before buying anything. Foods containing "animal fat", "lard", "shortening", or just "fat" are not suitable to be eaten by Muslims.

Foodstuffs containing "vegetable oils", "vegetable shortening", and of course butter are safe to eat. Margarine is often made from animal fats unless otherwise stated.

Further information is available in the "Halal Food and Certification by IFI" document.

Definition of Halal Food

In Islam, every thing is permitted (Halal) to consume except “A B C D I S” which are prohibited (Haram). These are:

A:   Alcohol and drugs
B:   Blood (Flowing or congealed)
C:   Carnivorous animals and birds of prey
D:   Dead animals (died before slaughter)
E:   Immolated food
F:   Swine and its by-products