Syria Refugee Crisis Press Release

- Syrian Refugees’ Crisis -


We at the Islamic Foundation of Ireland are very grateful to the Irish government and the people of Ireland for their heart felt response to the Syrian refugees’ crisis.  The generosity, compassion and consideration of the Irish people is recognised and appreciated within the Muslim community in Ireland.

The Islamic Foundation of Ireland proposes to help with the refugee crisis in the following areas.

  • Provision of interpretation / translation from Arabic to English.
  • Provide support and advice on moral and spiritual needs of the refugees.
  • Help with their integration in both the Muslim and Irish communities.
  • Help establish educational and sporting activities for children.
  • Provide help and counselling for women and men through the IFI women’s group and specialised doctors from our community.  
  • Provide a platform to advise the refugees regarding their stay in Ireland.

We are advising every Muslim family in Ireland to invite a refugee family to their homes for a period of time or for a meal to help the refugees integrate with Irish life in Ireland.

To conclude we are open to any suggestions, as to how we can help in any other area.


IFI PR committee


Download the PDF file of the above statement.

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    • D M

      D M 12 Nov 2015 21:57

      would suggest supporting "Islamic Relief", do an internet search and their contact numbers should be easily available. Very approachable and nice people. I think you can do online donations as well. There's another charity based in the UK called "International Rescue" they seem to be doing good work as well. Also you could write a letter to Taoiseach Enda Kenny urging him to increase quotas for Syrian people coming here, explaining economic benefit to the country, and also explaining that these people are coming from lives like yours and mine, having nice houses nice jobs good lifestyle - all left behind them, but say that they are bringing their education to the country etc, say that we need more workers and a bigger population to drive long-term growth and eventually them and their children paying into the pension schemes, also explain the desperate and impossible situation there so regardless of the economic benefit we have to do it for humanitarian reasons, and also shoulder some of the pressure that's coming on South-Eastern European countries in terms of people migrating to escape the conflicts and wars

    • Farhan Javed

      Farhan Javed 15 Sep 2015 12:35

      If we need to provide some fund or charity to help in such crisis for these Syrian fellow. Please suggest how can I participate from here.

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