Letter of condolences for Fr. Hamel

Islamic Foundation of Ireland vehemently condemns slaying of Fr. Hamel and has issued a letter of condolences to the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin immediately upon hearing the news.

The following is the transcript of the letter while a copy in pdf format is below.

To the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin


27th of July, 2016


In response to the tragic slaying of father Jacques Hamel in France, the Muslims of Ireland express their sincerest & deepest condolences to Father Hamels Family.

Islam teaches tolerance & respect of other faiths and this violent inexcusable murder of Father Hamel betrays our principles & violates our faith as Muslims.

ISIS through their evil & brutality has made it quite clear that their intention is to cause distrust and disunity. These murders only strengthen our resolve of support and solidarity with the victims and further isolate the perpetrators.

In times like this, we should strive to come together & remain united.

We should not allow ISIS to achieve its goals of disunity and chaos through terror.

Our prayers for peace and calm


Additionally, Islamic Foundation of Ireland has been mentioned in two articles in the Irish Independent, both articles are available below.


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