January 2014 Quran Classes for Ladies

There will be a beginners Qaidah Nurania class and Itqan Telawah (Juz Tabark) class starting in January 2014 Insha'Allah in Dublin Mosque. Please see the attached advertisement.

If you are interested please email us HERE or contact:  Sister Seham, Senior Administration & Quran teacher at: 0870910393

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    • Helen Amir

      Helen Amir 20 Jan 2014 12:34

      Asalam sister I am Irish and excepted islam last year alhamdulial and would like to take up classes to learn about the Quran and Arabic language thank you

    • sahra mohamed

      sahra mohamed 16 Dec 2013 13:51

      Asalam alykum sister am interested in the course

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