Eid Festival 2014

Assaalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Insha Allah the Islamic Foundation Ireland of South Circular Road is presenting the Eid Ul-Fitr Festival on Monday 28th July 2014 (subject to change - please watch this space) from 12pm-5pm at Transport Club – 129A Ruthland Avenue Crumlin Dublin 12. For directions please click this LINK

There will be food from all over the world and fun games for the kids such as: Train ride, bull ride, bouncing castles, face painting, pupet shows, candyfloss, popcorn, BBQ, food stalls & Exhibition stalls.

If you interested in selling toys, books, wares, food, drink or Islamic materials on this Eid Celebration please email NOR or IFI ADMIN  by Tuesday 22nd July 2014. Please note that places are limited and available at first come - first server basis. The standard stalls cost €25 and food stalls €30 for the day, which need to be paid to IFI by Wednesday 23rd July 2014.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the Eid Festival. Kindly share the event with your friends and family on Facebook & Twitter.

Eid Festival 2014 Dublin

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      • oum_imara

        oum_imara 05 Sep 2014 20:14

        Assalamu 'alaycoum.
        I'm a muslim women who lives in France and I would like to have contacts with sisters in Ireland if possible to have information about the life in that country.
        BarakaAllahu fik, wa assalamu 'alaycoum.

      • Maha

        Maha 16 Aug 2014 18:36

        as salam aleikum. ..I didnt attend celebration of eid in mosque but if respond to mr.Um Abdallah, we shud be happy for any islamic organisation here in ireland bzc here our ummah is small and we shud keep all together and be happy at least that celebration was! thats wat u shud explain to ur son brother how important our ummah is here and not increace dislikes in his heart from the young days.. go back to our prophet saw time and see how celebration used to be..tha important thing is it was not how it was

      • Yahya M. Al-Hussein

        Yahya M. Al-Hussein 06 Aug 2014 11:19

        Respected Um Abdallah
        Assalamu alaykum
        On behalf of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland I would like to apologise to Um Abdallah for finding our Eid ‘festival’ not up to your expectations.
        I apologise again for saying that I don’t see the reason for the disappointment and unhappiness expressed in your comments. This is frankly what I and others feel about your comments. You should simply have taken it as an event organised by non-professionals – which is true as all the organizers as volunteers. Of course there were organizers but everything was informal and relaxed. There were plenty of chairs around the place and tens of women were sitting on chairs near the building.
        I am sorry to say that I don’t see the point of some of your comments like ‘there were men praying in a long line, with their women waiting near/on a fence, ..and some people were sitting on the grass with young children, there were only 4 food stalls etc… What is the problem of sitting on the grass with young children! I remember years ago our Eid celebration was only an excursion and picinic in a public park. At least now there were a few more things.
        We would have welcome positive comments which will help improve the celebration of next year as we welcome any volunteer who would come forward and help make a better organisation. However, there is barely any positive suggestion in your comments. It was all negative criticism! One thing I agree with you is that the event perhaps should not be called ‘festival’ but a modest name such as celebration. We don’t have the finances and manpower to organise a festival like those organised by companies or agencies in the Middle East.

        Wassalamu alaykum.

        Yahya M. Al-Hussein
        Islamic Foundation of Ireland
        163 South Circular Road,
        Dublin 8, Ireland.
        Tel. +353 -1- 4533242.

      • Abu Abdullah

        Abu Abdullah 01 Aug 2014 12:54

        Well done IFI for organising a very nice Eid program in the Transport club. The children really enjoyed themselves and they felt that it was a special day. Adults too enjoyed it. A very enjoyable day for all the family. Great to see so many people there. Jazak Allahu Khair for organising it.
        Possibly next time you could try getting some rides set up (like they have on Merion Road during the March 17th festivals), so some of the older children and adults could partake in some of the activities.

      • Um Abdallah

        Um Abdallah 29 Jul 2014 16:58

        I brought my 9-year old son to see this festival. I lived in the Middle-East, so I know about Eid festivities and I attended festivals before. What I saw was a disappointment. What struck me most was the chaos and lack of coordination. There was no one in charge and no event organizers to direct people or supervise activities. There was no program given of what activities to expect. Being held in a football field, there was nowhere to sit down and some people were sitting on the grass with small children. There were only 4 food stalls, with only one tent displaying the Algerian flag. The other stalls included a book stall, Argan oil stall, and two stalls selling junk food. There was an ice-cream van and a ride-on train with just one carriage, not enough to accompany many children, and there was no driver.
        There was a bouncing castle with some adults sitting and/or eating on it, while others bounced with children. The bull ride had adults and adults climbing on it. There were no rubbish bins around apart from one black sack tied to the entrance gate which most people didn't bother to use.
        In one side of the field next to a building, there were men praying in a long line, with their women waiting near/on a fence. Overall, a disgrace. I had to apologize to my son and tell him that Eid is not like this at all. The trip was a complete waste of time and petrol considering I traveled 46 miles to see this "festival".

      • me

        me 27 Jul 2014 19:42


      • Muhammad Islam

        Muhammad Islam 27 Jul 2014 12:23

        As salam o Alikum. Brother can you tell me what time is eid prayer tomarrow I am working in coombe hospital

      • Nasser

        Nasser 26 Jul 2014 22:28

        Is tomorrow Eid, or not?

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